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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Riding on the bike is so fun that I zzzzzzzzzz...

I've been slackin'. Sonia hooked us up with an iBert safe-T-seat earlier this summer, but I never got around to installing it on my bike until a couple of weekends ago. Better late than never, eh? Apparently not. Damiano and I were all set to head out for a ride the next weekend, but mo'nature had other plans. I think she was teaching me a lesson because, for the first time since late April, rain unloaded on the Bay Area all day Saturday and Sunday. OK, lesson learned.

So finally today, after much anticipation, D & I headed out for our first ride!! Through the Lower Haight, up Page to GG Park and on to JFK Drive, which is closed off every Sunday to motorized vehicles, allowing bikers and skaters and walkers and bladers to cruise in safety. From JFK, we popped over to the pathway next to Speedway Meadows and over to the polo fields. I stopped there to take a break and realized that homeboy was PASSED OUT!!! I was wondering why he was being so quiet. I don't get to get out on the bike too often these days, so I figured I'd keep on for a bit. The next 6 miles were completely hilarious. I was riding with a bobble headed sack of potatoes... he'd be all slouched over one minute and then splayed back into my arms the next. Everyone was pointing at us saying stuff like, "oh my god, is he OK?", and "hahahah, look at the little guy!".

We made it home without incident, and D woke up right as his moms came out for some photos. Good times. We'll be doing this more often, that's for sure.

Catchin' some zzzzzzzzzzzz's in the iBert

Awake for a photo op w/Pops & Smokey