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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

T-day travels

Boy has it been a while since the last post. You look away, fly on a couple of planes, visit some family and next thing you know it's December already! So, quick November recap - we had two wonderful Thanksgiving feasts, one at home with our local neighborhood friends (we couldn't pass up the usual fried turkey) and one in Atlanta at the grandparents'. Here is our buddy Seth entertaining the kiddos while we're hanging out.
Then it was off to holiday travel - luckily we traveled in off-peak time and by all accounts the travel wasn't as heavy this year, so the flights went relatively smoothly (no delays, lost luggage or meltdowns). After a night in Atlanta we loaded up in grandpa Rog's car to go visit Uncle Matt and aunt Sarah in Asheville. After an initial adjustment, D took to the new people and environment, and especially enjoyed tromping around in the yard and getting his aunt and uncle to read him stories.
Finally we headed back to Atlanta for an evening with friends (thanks Pat and Rog for hosting and everyone for showing up!) and the big day with family friends. A traditional turkey this time, with a delicious pumpkin trifle for dessert that D enjoyed quite a bit! The travel and all the change was a bit hard on D, but he did all right. I'm sure glad we're not traveling again at Christmas time though! At least we got a nice photo op out of it... =)