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Thursday, March 12, 2009

L, M, N, O... POO!

Lately D's started stringing together the sounds and words that have been on repeat for the past 21 months. The ABC's and 1-10 are coming along nicely. There are letters and numbers that he can't say though, and when he gets to one he'll either just stare at you or skip on to the next one that he does know. Sometimes he likes to throw a lil' of his own flavor in though. Here's how a recent session went down...

D: "J"
Me: "K"
D: "K"
Me: "L"
D: *stare*
Me: "M"
D: *stare*
Me: "N"
D: *stare*
Me: "O"
D: "POO!!"
Me: "Hahahaha!"

The end.