juniorflav.com: Nano

Friday, March 20, 2009


Back when D was born and we began making the announcement calls, the first thing that came out of a lot of people's mouths was, "Da-mi-an-o. So what are you going to call him... Dom?" "Umm, no. Dom is short for Dominick, not for Damiano. We'll stick with Damiano." Well, it turns out that we as well as our name-shortening friends & family both had it wrong. Oh, it was Damiano for a good while, but as soon as his friends began putting words together, they told us what we should be calling him: "Nano". Yup, leave it to the kids who had just moved beyond cooing and grunting to come up with a name that didn't cross any adult's mind, but that totally stuck and is now in use by everyone. And I mean everyone. His friends, classmates & teachers, our friends & family and even Nano himself.

I don't know if this will last though. "Nano"'s been in effect for a few months now, but recently his pal Zach busted out with a very clear "Damiano!!", so I have a feeling that the days of "Nano" may be numbered. That's alright though. I'm sure he'll have plenty of other nicknames along the way. But whatever you do, just don't call him "Dom"!!! ;o)